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Thursday, July 15, 2010

About us

Bodylicious Spa was established in early 2009 and officially opens its door in June 2009. Although very young, it is blessed with repeat customers even during this uncertain economic situation. We have placed various marketing strategies so that our valued customers do not feel burdened with the costs and still able to be pampered at our Spa.

Our goals is to give opportunity for all women, whether working or not, to be pampered and to preserve their beauty. Skincare should not be ignored by women at any age. Women, especially those in their 30s, should give extra care to their skin as ignored skin during this age could further deteriorate the looks, feels and youthfulness of the skin. Care to your skin should be given earlier.

As not many people could afford regular trips or visits to Spa, the founder of Bodylicious Spa, Puan Dayang Fazlinda, wishes to make her Spa very affordable so that every women can now make that beauty trip to a beauty spa. She regards beauty as very important and believes that beauty should be within reach of every woman in this world.

Upon realizing that the main difficulty of going to Spa is its high costs, she decided to open up a head to toe spa that offers great prices without compromising the quality.

With affordable price and various promotions from time to time, our valued customers will be left feeling satisfied with the quality and services received at Bodylicious Spa. Apart from that, we also provides membership known as “Bodylicious SPA Ladies Club” to our customers with various discounts and exclusive offers to enable our members to benefit from the services provided by our Spa.

Bodylicious Spa with the commitment of its management and its trained and friendly staff will continue to stand tall and will continue to provide the best service at an affordable price so that women everywhere can enjoy the beauty care that they clearly deserve.

With Love & Kind regards
Bodylicious SPA

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